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Navel Fukai & Navel Sakuru complete kit for deep and round Navel

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Baldev Jumnani & Jayashree Jumnani,

Baldev Jumnani and Jayashree Jumnani, the ‘Navel Fukai’ is a product that helps make you achieve the perfect ‘gol naabhi’.

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एक ऐसा जन्म जिसको जन्म कहे या कोई अधूरा कार्य। इस ब्लैक में अपने आप को खोजता एक इंसान


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What Users Are Saying

Navel Fukai & Navel Sakuru are only product that help to get deep and round navel in proper shape

Wounderful Result, Really Good Product, must buy and use for giving peoper Deep and Round Shape to your Belly.



I wore low waist saree for first time on my friends’s weeding function, Becasue of Navel Fukai make my Navel Round & Deep

Ankita Jain