Belly Button Shaper for (18yrs-30yrs)


Get beautiful, round and deep belly with Navel Sakuru, and Deep Belly with Navel Fukai without any surgery. Navel Sakuru is belly button shaper and helps you to obtain round belly.Navel Fukai is also belly button shaper it gives you deep belly, regular use of Navel Fukai gives you deeper belly.

Make your Navel Beautiful Round and Deep with Belly button Shaper without Surgery

Navel Sakuru and Navel Fukai Belly Button Shaper come according to Age Group. Select appropriate size of Sakuru and Fukai according to your age. This is perfect if your age group is 18yrs to 30yrs.

  1. Belly button Shaper for 11yrs to 18yrs
  2. Belly button Shaper for 18yrs to 30yrs
  3. Belly button Shaper for Above 30yrs
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Belly Button Shaper

How to Use Navel Sakuru – for Round Belly – Belly Button Shaper

Wash your Hands and cleans with sanitizer. Clean the Sakuru (The ring given in pack.) and lubricate with edible oil/Glycerin. Gently push and insert in Navel. Can be kept for 3-36hrs. Clean it after every use. Regular Use of Sakuru Increase the Diameter and circumference of Navel and make it perfectly round in shape. If you needed higher size if you want to further increase the size of Navel.

How to Use Navel Fukai for Deep Belly – Belly Button Shaper

Fukai is for Deep Navel (Deep belly). The other device prodived for Deeper Navel, Cleaning and hygenie is equally important for Fukai too. Use it for 30-75 min every day. You can use medical grade additive tape to fix it.

Note : – Discontinue the usage if you face any discomfort or there is any concern. You might required smaller size Belly Button Shaper.

Additional information

Weight .500 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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